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This has been a long time coming --- and finally, after 13 years of fine tuning our efforts as small business owners, we've decided to listen to those who keep asking us to offer coaching opportunities! We truly do want to see others grow and succeed in any industry they are called to serve. We know there are a lot of reputable educational resources out there, but we wanted to offer an affordable learning outlet to those who want to have a personalized touch to their experience. We have a list of specific business related topics for people to choose from for the Small Business Coaching Session (or we are open to topic submissions from those who have other areas they are looking to grow in). As for the On-the-Job Shadow Experience, this is for those in Omaha and the midwest who are aiming to learn photography and videography techniques by watching. We include a segment after each session for Q+A  time. 

If you're ready to grow, we're here for you.
Booking Special: Both for $300

On-the-Job Photography Shadow Experience

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Product Details

On-The-Job Shadow Experience

What’s Included?

Attend a 1-hour client photography OR videography session led by Molly and/or Joshua Giangreco
Observe genuine client/photographer interactions + prompt techniques
Q+A time at the end of the session

We know sometimes the best way to learn is by watching.
We still enjoy seeing other's in the zone even after 10 years of doing things our way. :)
This shadow experience will give you the opportunity to see what we might do differently from you - we don't expect you to do everything the same as us after this learning session - but we do hope to stir your creativity and help you expand the options you have when interacting with clients.
We will take time after the client has gone to talk over any questions you have - whether it be about the attire we wear, the camera itself or the way we are a little extra goofy to bring out the best in people.
We're looking forward to meeting you!

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