To our dear 2020 couples and other photography and videography clients,

First and foremost, we hope you are all staying healthy and safe.
We are definitely in a situation none of us have ever experienced 
before as a result of the spread of COVID-19. Although we are already communicating with our couples with weddings early this year, we know how important it is to start open communication with the rest of you too, even as we maintain cautious optimism for Summer-Fall celebrations. We are not aiming to cause unnecessary anxiety, but with all the uncertainty, we believe the more we stay in contact, the better.

Please know: We have your best intentions at heart. We've had numerous discussions to put ourselves in our client’s shoes - and in turn, we hope our clients can put themselves in our shoes as well. This is all uncharted territory for everyone - and it’s challenging when no one is at fault. We genuinely want to go above and beyond to be fair, considerate, honest and open with everyone as we navigate the situation moving forward.

We only accept 20 weddings each year at most - which allows us to give all of our energy, time and efforts to our clients in a unique way. You’re our priority and our lifeline - we welcome all of your questions and concerns - anytime, any day.
We know everyone is experiencing heightened emotions as there’s a lot of 'unknown' out there right now, but please take solace in knowing you are in good hands.


We want to listen - we want to have genuine discussions with you so we can work through this with you in a compassionate and empathetic manner. Above all, we value you and want to keep our lines of communication open to serve you to the best of our abilities.


If you are personally going through a financial hardship due to a layoff or other repercussion of this crisis, please fill us in so we can talk further about alternatives when referencing the information below. We are here for you. We understand some of the answers below might be unpopular, but we are unbelievably GRATEFUL that so many of our clients have been gracious and understanding during this time as they know this is hard for all parties involved. As much as we want to make everyone happy, we also have to maintain some level of professional commitment to our business expenses and our personal responsibilities as well. 

Please email us if you have any questions we didn't acknowledge in our FAQ's below. 
We care about you and want to ease your minds and take the stress away during this rollercoaster moment in time.


What if we have an engagement or family photo session that we need to reschedule?

We’ve been working with everyone who has engagement sessions scheduled with us for April to shift them without any fees to a new date. If we aren’t able to get a date prior to your wedding, we will happily offer you a newlywed couples session in its place after your wedding!


What if we need to reschedule our wedding date due to restrictions on headcount for gatherings?

We’ve opened up every date in 2020 to our rescheduling clients (aside from those we are already booked). For those looking to move to 2021, please read below.


What happens to our retainer/contract if we need to reschedule our wedding?

Although our contract states there is a 25% rescheduling fee, we are waiving this fee for anyone who wants to move to a later 2020 date. For those requesting a shift to 2021, we will personally discuss a plan based on your specific circumstances. Either way, we will be letting clients apply their retainers to their new date without penalty.


How do we reschedule our wedding?

Reach out to us to get our availability. We will make every date open to you that we are not already booked. Once you have a new date and your contract with your venue is signed, contact us so we can send you a new contract transferring your existing contract to the new date. If you select a new date without inquiring about our availability and we are not available, this is considered a cancellation and your retainer will be forfeited.


What if we decide to cancel our wedding completely? Can we get a refund?

We are willing to refund all payments made in advance - minus the retainer and services already rendered (engagement sessions/love story films). We can discuss letting you reallocate a portion of the retainer toward an alternative future service (elopement, engagement or adventure photo session to be scheduled and used before the end of 2021.)


What happens if we get sick? What happens if you get sick?

We do ask that if you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, but you still want to have your wedding against CDC recommendations, let us know immediately as we will not feel comfortable or safe photographing your wedding. We come in close contact to you often and it's far too risky to put your family and vendors in harms way. Similarly,  if we are feeling symptoms of COVID-19, we will find a replacement photographer/videographer as our contract states. We take your health very seriously and we will do everything in our power to take the best care of you.


What if we don't want to reschedule and we want to keep our date, but minimize headcount?

If you’re thinking you’d like to skip a reschedule and want to keep your original date to make it a day of just the two of you, your parents and us, we are totally up for it and will plan accordingly with masks and gloves. This is as long as the government is allowing non-essential gatherings to occur once quarantine and lockdowns conclude.

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